Penguin Oasis an online private server!

Hi there everyone!

I was looking through CPPSHQ, and I found a cool new club penguin private server called penguin oasis. I really like this CPPS, I am addicted to this CPPS. Chai, and Tybone10 created this CPPS who are owners that have tons of experiences with making club penguin private servers. You can apply for a job at penguin oasis, using an application form. You can get a lot of custom items on penguin oasis. Currently, penguin oasis introduced a new system called “VIP”. To purchase VIP, you must have $8 USD in your Paypal account. When you purchase VIP, you get to become puffles, ponies, and reindeer puffles.

Penguin oasis also has another custom feature. You get to change your penguin colors using a special command whenever you get tired of your old color. To use this feature, type !CC Hex Code. When you register, it will ask you if you want a custom item, and it will also ask you if you want a facebook icon on your penguin player card. Please read the note on the bottom of the register page before putting in your facebook username.

Commands List

!AI ITEM ID, adds the specified ID to your inventory. !AI 413 adds the beta hat.

!JR ROOMID, allows you to jump around rooms. !JR 100 takes you to the town.

!CC COLOR CODE, changes the color of your penguin. !CC 000000 makes your penguin black.

!UP NAME, changes your penguin into a mascot. !UP RH turns you into Rockhopper.

!AC AMMOUNT, adds coins to your penguin. !AC 5000 adds 5000 coins.

!AF FURNITUREID, adds the specified furniture item to your igloo inventory. !AF 1 gives you the pink chair.

Please read the rules before registering an account on penguin oasis. All of the stuff that penguin oasis makes, is original. 😀






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